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Use Case: Job Finding



You can explore our interactive prototype above. To see which areas are interactive, click the "Show clickable areas" button on the left hand side. To see the principles behind the UI, toggle the "Beneficial Layer" on the right hand side. By doing so, crucial aspects of the UI will be highlighted. You can click on these as well to receive a short explanation of their function in approaching beneficial AI.


The third and final use case is concerned with how the process of job finding will take place in the future. This scenario is set in a rather distant future, where highly capable AI has found its way into many areas of life. These artificial agents can be described as very intelligent and the ways they act can no longer be fully understood by humans. The role of the agent has been explored in two different extremes within this use case: either the agent could take the role of an advanced headhunter, creating suggestions for jobs, or the system could take the role of a higher level controlling entity, which simply assigns individuals to employers, without the possibility of human intervention. Both extremes are roughly outlined, but it quickly becomes apparent that the latter approach can hardly be designed in a beneficial way, due to extreme violations in personal freedom. Therefore an intermediate solution was conceptualized, which explores how far a system could go, while still being considered “beneficial”.